Frequently Asked Questions


At Tyro, we were students like you. We were in your position. We know it is hard to break through. What we offer is the opportunity for you to get responsibilities and autonomy in a company that believes in you and relies on your skills. This is the chance for you to combine a professional experience and your education.

To you, an internship does not have to deal with paperwork, photocopies and making coffee, right?  Don’t want to feel useless  and lost in a big corporation?

Then, Tyro is made for you!



+ What do we do?

Find exciting and flexible internship opportunities in line with your studies, expectations and schedule.

+ Who are our clients?

The majority of our clients are members of the startup and SME ecosystem with exciting projects which are growing fast and evolving in a dynamic environment. These companies are located in and around Brussels.

+ What kind of internships do we have?

Our startups offer a very wide range of internships across domains and functions. Language requirements, availabilities (1-5 days) can vary from one job to the other.

Don’t worry: We have so many internships that chances are, we have something for you!

+ Why internships are also important?

Because these internships increases your chances of finding a job after your studies. Your starting salary will be higher. And the internships we offer can lead to a full-time job offer. Several of Tyro's clients are looking for final year students so they get the chance to offer such opportunities if the internship went well.

+ What kind of students is TYRO looking for ?

Hungry, motivated, reliable? Eager to learn? Then, you match the description.

+ Foreign students looking for an internship in Belgium with TYRO

Tyro can help you find an internship in Belgium. What you need is a very good command of at least one of these languages (french, english, dutch). You also need a EU visa.

Belgian universities do not allow paid-internships, but these rule does not apply to you. Although, we can’t assure you that we will find a paid internship of 4 to 6 months.

+ What is Tyro's process?

  1. Take a tour on our website ( You take advantage of this tour by filling in some information and your CV.

  2. If we believe to have opportunities available to you, we schedule an informal video call to get to know you better (no stress, we do not bite).

  3. Now it is on us to find a job or internship that corresponds to your needs and interests.

  4. As soon as we have found THE opportunity for you, we present it to you via a video call.

  5. If this internship is go for you, you meet the CEO/Founder of the company. We are very confident that your are the best candidate and this interview is only a confirmation of your skills and motivations.

+ When to book your interview with Tyro?

Whenever you want. You do things at your own pace, and we adapt to your schedule (the faster the better). Most of our clients are looking for students within two months.