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A job of junior marketing manager

You’ve just graduated 🎓 and are looking for your first job in marketing? Well it’s your lucky day, because at Tyro we are recruiting young graduates looking for marketing positions for companies with high ambitions.

What does a marketing manager do exactly?

Marketing is a vast field that offers many different opportunities. The most recurrent ones are community management, digital marketing and content marketing. Depending on the company, these titles will include different things but here are examples of responsibilities that may be given to you in your first job:

1. Community manager :

  • Create a community and interact with it 💬
  • Communicate with marketing, PR and communication teams to ensure brand consistency
  • Organize and coordinate events
  • Create engaging posts 📣

2. Digital marketing manager

  • Implementation of the digital strategy 📌
  • Management of marketing channels (website, blog, email)Ensure brand consistency
  • Creation of campaigns to maintain strong interaction with the community
  • Manage and improve content based on analytics (FB, Google) 📈
  • Monitoring of the competition

3. Content marketing manager

  • You are in charge of the company’s image through the content you create
  • Analyze the results of the content created and adapt the strategy based on 📊
  • Writing articles
  • Creation of videos 🎥

What are the skills of a good junior marketing manager?

You’ll be a good marketing manager if:

  • You’re a creative mind and you have ideas to sell 💡
  • You have a good analytical mind
  • You are interested in innovations, you like to stay informed and are curious by nature
  • You are rigorous and organized

Why becoming a junior marketing manager?

The different marketing professions are constantly evolving as they change a lot with digital and social innovations. Here are some reasons why many young graduates choose these positions as first jobs:

  • Possible creativity in content creation and in the ways to reach the customer you have to create
  • Direct contact with a community and the customers of the brand
  • Rewarding responsibilities and managing a company’s brand image

Is this what you’re looking for? In this case apply here to find your first job as a marketing manager, whether in digital marketing, community management or content marketing. Tyro regularly recruits young graduates for marketing positions in dynamic and growing companies.

How does it work?

1Send us your CV

2Video call with one team member

3Meet your future team!

Student testimonials

Tyro is above all a selection based on your passions and values. Then comes your knowledge and experience. Just the opposite of big recruitment agencies.
After a skype interview and a few emails, I found my dream internship that turned into a job.
Thank you TYRO!

Benoit Pitsaer - Executive Assistant

Thanks to TYRO, I found the internship that suits my expectations perfectly ! To the point I thought the offer had been written for me when I discovered it. Reactivity, listening and passion are part of the DNA of this start-up. 2 minutes after my call, I had already received the offer I was hoping for. Then, the team proved to be attentive through the entire process. Many thanks to TYRO !

Clément Bourletsis - Innovation consultant

Very satisfied! Tyro offers a wide range of internships and jobs and can easily find something that fits your profile!

Simona Giulia Scala

Very fast and fluid user experience so I strongly recommend Tyro!


Anas Elachqar

Tyro (especially Alexandre) helped me a lot to find my internship in a company that suits me! The relationship is very cordial, even informal.  Their reactivity and availability were excellent. They also provide top-notch follow-up from advice on the CV to the interview and all this free of charge! I can only recommend their services!

Maëva Tombeze - Business developer

Ideal for young graduates and interns. Fast, dynamic, it’s encouraging! Thank you for your services!

Véra Medjo
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