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An internship in marketing

Marketing is defined as all actions aimed at observing and influencing consumer needs and behaviours. Marketing is therefore a department of considerable importance. There are different positions available to implement these strategies. As a marketing trainee, here are some examples of positions you could have and tasks you could be assigned:

Internship in community management

What is a Community Manager? It is a person who is in charge of building and maintaining the community 👥 of a brand. Here is an example of tasks you may have to do during your internship:

  • Management of social networks on which the brand is present (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…)
  • Content creation (blog articles, videos, communication supports on networks…) 💡
  • Determine the company’s digital strategy, schedule posts

Internship in digital marketing

Digital marketing is the implementation of a marketing strategy through digital channels. If you are interested in this topic, chances are you have already heard of SEO, analytics…. During your internship you may be asked to do tasks like the following:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management and monitoring to improve brand visibilityDigital campaign management 💻
  • Benchmarking and competitive intelligence
  • Creation of content that will attract prospects (blog, landing page, newsletter,…)
  • Reporting and data analysis 📈

Internship in marketing and communication

A marketing and communication internship combines the best of both worlds. Your responsibilities may range from traditional marketing to digital marketing and communication. Here are some tasks that may be assigned to you during your internship:

  • Development of press relations 📰
  • Organization of promotional events
  • Development of communication campaigns
  • Develop marketing campaigns (SEA, Facebook, affiliation) 💻

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Student testimonials

It was important for me to find an internship that fascinated me. But it’s hard to find one on your own and it’s very time-consuming.
Then I signed up on TYRO. They directly targeted the ideal type of internship for me. I found my internship in a scale-up, perfectly in line with what I was looking for and I am delighted. Everything is easier with TYRO.

Manon Mignon - Sales Executive

Tyro understood my expectations perfectly and helped me get my dream internship in only two weeks. The best part is that it is totally free for candidates. They have a great balance between being professional and personal as well.

Sanne Westendorp - Group Marketing Manager

Tyro are really helpful and the service is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any fees in any case ! They know what they are doing and really look for opportunities that fit you specifically, professionally but also personality wise. My best friend found her internship through Tyro and was very happy with it! Definitely recommended.

Imane Saksou

Ideal for young graduates and interns. Fast, dynamic, it’s encouraging! Thank you for your services!

Véra Medjo

I was looking for an internship in 3d printing and data science in Brussels. I found on Google that Tyro could help me with that. Indeed, one week after completing Tyro’s chatbot form, I was interviewed by two different companies. Laurent, the CEO of Tyro, was able to get me both internships through a split workweek. Tyro was specifically able to push for the creation of a position for me at a 3d printing company. This was a dream to work for these two startups.
The best way to get work experience is through an internship. Tyro was able to give me this exceptional opportunity fast and in the area I was hoping for.
Thank you to all the team at Tyro!

Maxime Sabet d'Acre - Data Analyst

Thanks to TYRO, I found the internship that suits my expectations perfectly ! To the point I thought the offer had been written for me when I discovered it. Reactivity, listening and passion are part of the DNA of this start-up. 2 minutes after my call, I had already received the offer I was hoping for. Then, the team proved to be attentive through the entire process. Many thanks to TYRO !

Clément Bourletsis - Innovation consultant
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