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Junior web developer

Did you just graduate IT or did you learn to code by yourself? We may have your first job as a junior web developer. We recruit junior developers for start-ups and scale-ups. The three profiles we regularly look for are front-end developers, back-end developers and full-stack developers.

Junior front-end developer

  • Define the user experience
  • Management of the site interface
  • Implementation of a “responsive” design
  • Create tools that improve the user experience of the website

Junior back-end developer

  • Integration of interface elements with front-end logic
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimization of the application for maximum speed
  • Implementation of security and data protection
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions

Junior full-stack developer

  • Intervention on all aspects of web development ⬆️️⬆️
  • Work on both on the back office and on the front end of the site
  • Design of the website architectureHTML integration on the site

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Student testimonials

TYRO turned out to be a very effective tool to find internships. Less than two weeks after I signed up, I found an internship that suited me perfectly. TYRO’s team is competent, attentive and reactive. Don’t hesitate to sign up anymore.

Angie Nguyen - Marketeer

I am a business school student and started looking for a job in October 2017. Not far from giving up, I signed up on Tyro. I thought it wouldn’t lead anywhere like many other sites. Less than a month later, I was enjoying my first day as a Content Marketing Intern in a marketing scale-up. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Lisanza Faccilongo - Content Marketeer

Ideal for young graduates and interns. Fast, dynamic, it’s encouraging! Thank you for your services!

Véra Medjo

I had just submitted my resume that Tyro found several offers for me! A dynamic young team and, above all, competent!

Sandrine Ineza Musabyimana

Thanks to TYRO, I found the internship that suits my expectations perfectly ! To the point I thought the offer had been written for me when I discovered it. Reactivity, listening and passion are part of the DNA of this start-up. 2 minutes after my call, I had already received the offer I was hoping for. Then, the team proved to be attentive through the entire process. Many thanks to TYRO !

Clément Bourletsis - Innovation consultant

Very satisfied with Tyro’s services. I recommend it!

Clara Bomy - AI Developer
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