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A job of junior consultant

Young graduate 🎓 ? chances are you’ll think about going into consulting. Indeed, this profession offers a large number of learning opportunities. There are consultants in many different fields: finance, marketing, IT… As you can imagine, a large number of studies can lead you to a junior consultant position. It’s your lucky day because at Tyro we are recruiting young graduates for consulting firms that have a lot to teach you!

What does a junior consultant do exactly?

A consultant is a person outside a company whose objective is to improve its operations through expertise / knowledge in a certain field. As a junior consultant, here are some examples of tasks you may be asked to do:

  • Analyze the customer’s needs. 📈
  • Assess the feasibility of the mission, define the human resources needed.
  • Develop different scenarios to address the problem for which you have been assigned, and present them to your client.
  • Set up the scenario you have chosen with your client. 🤝

What are the skills of a good junior consultant?

You’ll be a good junior consultant if:

  • You are flexible, autonomous and independent. As a consultant you will change missions and companies regularly and you will not necessarily have an follow-up to help you manage the mission.
  • You like to communicate and you have good pedagogy to share information to make it understood by everyone 🗣
  • Sociable, you know how to adapt to different types of people and collaborators.

Why becoming a junior consultant?

A large number of graduates choose the consulting profession as their first job. Here are some reasons why:

  • The variety of projects and clients with whom you will work.
  • You develop skills in various fields and you have a great autonomy to manage your missions 🔜.
  • Access to training 📚; when you are not on a mission your employer will give you training so that you can continue to improve.

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How does it work?

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Student testimonials

I am a Master’s student in Communication, and I was looking for a motivating internship. I wanted to learn more. Tyro found me a great start-up! I wanted to learn more about web strategies and here I am, community manager of this start-up. I’m in charge and it’s like I’ve already graduated.
It is one of the best things you can do! Thanks to an internship, your CV will look great when you leave school. The most important thing about having an internship via Tyro is the nature of the internship. They will do their best to find what YOU want.
You will already have experience and this is the thing that all employers ask for, so it will help you find your first job!

Megane Guyonnet - Community Manager

I was looking for an internship in 3d printing and data science in Brussels. I found on Google that Tyro could help me with that. Indeed, one week after completing Tyro’s chatbot form, I was interviewed by two different companies. Laurent, the CEO of Tyro, was able to get me both internships through a split workweek. Tyro was specifically able to push for the creation of a position for me at a 3d printing company. This was a dream to work for these two startups.
The best way to get work experience is through an internship. Tyro was able to give me this exceptional opportunity fast and in the area I was hoping for.
Thank you to all the team at Tyro!

Maxime Sabet d'Acre - Data Analyst

Tyro’s team was very welcoming and understanding of my expectations. I have received several offers in line with my professional ambitions. Their service is free and qualitative, I recommend the agency without hesitation!

Marius Swierkosz - Project Manager

I had just submitted my resume that Tyro found several offers for me! A dynamic young team and, above all, competent!

Sandrine Ineza Musabyimana

Very satisfied with Tyro’s services. I recommend it!

Clara Bomy - AI Developer

Very fast and fluid user experience so I strongly recommend Tyro!


Anas Elachqar
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