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How does TYRO get paid?

Our business plan is based on our philosophy. For us, a successful internship is an opportunity where we are always winners. That is why we have as a policy the “No Cure, No pay”, without commitment. Companies only pay us when we find the talent they need. Again, it is per month of internship completed to ensure that the internship is a real learning opportunity for the student and that the intern brings value to the company. If this is not the case for one or the other, we are impacted.

Is there a selection?

We make continuous videocalls to discover the profiles and soft skills of our candidates. We then operate at “matches” to find suitable opportunities for students. Indeed, if no open offers are suitable for the students interviewed, they will unfortunately not receive any offers from us.

Where does TYRO operate?

We are mainly active in Belgium and more specifically in Brussels. The ecosystem of start-ups is very interesting. But we are present in all countries and to a lesser extent in neighboring countries. We remain open to all development opportunities for young people across Europe.

Are internships in Belgium paid?

Most of them do not, in all transparency since Belgium has no regulations on the remuneration of trainees. We also have paid offers of course. As a trainee candidate, all you have to do is tell us during the video call that you do not want to receive an unpaid offer.

How does TYRO work? (process)

We are the Tinder of the internship and the junior position. We connect companies that offer real learning opportunities with young talents who are eager to develop their skills and bring value to a company.
That’s why we have continuous video calls to identify candidates’ profiles and qualities and determine where their best performers will be and where they will thrive.

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