What is Tyro’s mission?

Tyro is a recruitment agency specializing in recruitment for start-ups and scale-ups. We recruit talents with a startup DNA to work in fast-growing companies.

What is Tyro’s offer?
  • For candidates

Students and graduates contact us via our chatbot so that we can direct them to offers adapted to their expectations, skills and ambitions. We recruit for job opportunities, but we also have a dedicated internship search service via our Hello Tyro platform. The needs of our clients are varied and can range from web development to supply chain, digital marketing and business development/sales. In general, our customers are mainly looking for business/engineer profiles with a master level.

However, note that Tyro’s spirit is not to serve an internship or junior position on a silver platter! At Tyro we think you’re the boss of your career. As a candidate you also have your share of the work and will have to stand out among other students and graduates.

  • For businesses

Tyro helps you recruit the best talents on the market. We try to get a better understanding of your needs. We select the most suitable profiles for you and send them to get in touch with you. Our clients pay us on the result, when they staff one of the profiles we sent them in their teams.

For your internship opportunities, Tyro also helps you by providing you with a sourcing of hand-picked candidates, via our internship platform Hello Tyro.

Are you a consulting company?

No, Tyro is a recruitment agency. However, there are many similarities with a consulting agency. Our clients pay us to provide solutions in our area of expertise, recruitment. The term “advice” can also be applied to candidates, whom we can advise on their CV, profile, professional choices or to stand out and pass their job interviews.

Do you also recruit for jobs or internships only?

Tyro is a recruitment agency for jobs in start-ups and scale-ups. However, we have also created a recruitment platform for start-up internships, Hello Tyro. Some of our clients therefore only recruit for jobs. Others recruit only for internships via the platform. Others recruit for both. The process is simply slightly different from one situation to another. Whether you’re looking for one or the other, you can fill in your information and details on our chatbot to access, perhaps, golden opportunities!

Are your services free for applicants?

Yes, the service is completely free for applicants. Our service is paid for by businesses, which allows us to offer a 100% free service to our users.

Is there a selection among the students enrolled?

Yes. Our clients expect us to select candidates who can deliver quick results. To do this many factors come into play, such as spoken languages, professional experience, hard skills and soft skills. We connect the best profiles with the best opportunities.

What is your business model?

At Tyro we want to offer a qualitative recruitment service to our candidates and clients in an accessible way. So we chose to adopt the “No Cure, No Pay” policy, that is, to be paid for the result by our customers. Companies only pay us when we find them the talent they need.

What kind of companies do you work with? (sector/size/industry)

The common point of companies we work with is their strong and fast growth. So we mainly work with growing start-ups, but also with consulting companies, SMEs, marketing agencies… Due to the diversity of the start-up world, we work with a wide range of industries, from the automobile industry, fashion to innovative fintech. We also work with consulting firms, marketing agencies, investment funds… Our main criteria for our customers are the quality of the professional opportunities they offer, as well as their corporate culture. We carefully select our customers and offer them a real follow-up so that our service is as satisfactory as possible.

What happens after the first interview with you (in the situation of a job research)?

If you are looking for a job, our team looks for and selects from our clients’ offers which could be the best “match” on the candidate’s side as well as that of the company. If we can establish a mutual interest, we put the candidate and the company in touch. We then let the two parties meet and negotiate together. For our part, we continue to provide detailed and personalized follow-up throughout the process to facilitate interaction and ensure the right conditions of the meeting.

How long do I have to wait before I have a meeting/interview with the company?

If you are looking for a job, the time between an interview with our team and the company can vary. It depends on the availability of the candidate and the company, as well as the response time of the latter two. As soon as we interview our team, we send offers to the candidate according to his skills and expectations. If the candidate shows a real interest in the offer, we send his profile to our client. If the client company is also interested in the profile, the meeting can be organised. Therefore, the time between an exchange with a Tyro member and the first contact with the company varies from a few days to three weeks.

Are internships paid in Belgium?

In Belgium, the remuneration of an intern is at the total discretion of the company. As a result, many internships in Belgium are not paid, but this is not an absolute rule. We still have paid offers. If this criterion is decisive for you, just mention it when you sign up on Hello Tyro.

Where does Tyro operate?

Our offices are located in Brussels and we work mainly with Belgian and French companies. However Tyro is a box full of ambition and will later extend its activity on a much larger area!

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