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An internship in business development

The business developer is a key actor in the activity of a company and its missions will have a strong impact on its performance.

The most important aspect of a business developer’s work is to create bonds with customers. If you like to talk, negotiate, convince people, if you are not afraid to talk with strangers, chances are you will become a good business developer.

Business developers, also called “sales”, are categorized into two categories, hunters and farmers.

Hunters are sharks. Their role is to do a lot of prospection, find new clients and close as many deals as possible.
Farmers’ role is more about creating and maintaining a strong relationship with customers on the long-term.

As an intern, you can be given various missions. Prospection often represent a great chunck of it, but it is not the only mission you could have to do. Here are some examples of tasks that can be assigned to you:

  • Database creation with your customers’ data and information
  • Prospection, calling and emailing
  • Customer retention, deals follow-up and responsible for clients relationships
  • Creation of quotations

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Student testimonials

Tyro understood my expectations perfectly and helped me get my dream internship in only two weeks. The best part is that it is totally free for candidates. They have a great balance between being professional and personal as well.

Sanne Westendorp - Group Marketing Manager

Tyro is a top-notch team, humane and competent. In the last year of a Bachelor of Marketing, I had started looking for an internship early enough. However, even after several months, I had nothing concrete. Fortunately, I came across Tyro. I registered on the site and sent them my CV. In a short time, I was taken care of. My skills, my internship wishes were taken into account and in less than a month, Tyro put me in contact with a company that matched my internship expectations. They accompanied me until I obtained the latter, making sure that I liked the internship and that I felt comfortable there. Thanks to them, I have found a place that suits me and makes me progress.
If you are looking for an internship, you can turn to Tyro, you will not regret it.

Daffy Pilipili - Community Manager

I had just submitted my resume that Tyro found several offers for me! A dynamic young team and, above all, competent!

Sandrine Ineza Musabyimana

I am a business school student and started looking for a job in October 2017. Not far from giving up, I signed up on Tyro. I thought it wouldn’t lead anywhere like many other sites. Less than a month later, I was enjoying my first day as a Content Marketing Intern in a marketing scale-up. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Lisanza Faccilongo - Content Marketeer

Thanks to TYRO, I found the internship that suits my expectations perfectly ! To the point I thought the offer had been written for me when I discovered it. Reactivity, listening and passion are part of the DNA of this start-up. 2 minutes after my call, I had already received the offer I was hoping for. Then, the team proved to be attentive through the entire process. Many thanks to TYRO !

Clément Bourletsis - Innovation consultant

Very satisfied with Tyro’s services. I recommend it!

Clara Bomy - AI Developer
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