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An internship in business development

The business developer is a key actor in the activity of a company and its missions will have a strong impact on its performance.

The most important aspect of a business developer’s work is to create bonds with customers. If you like to talk, negotiate, convince people, if you are not afraid to talk with strangers, chances are you will become a good business developer.

Business developers, also called “sales”, are categorized into two categories, hunters and farmers.

Hunters are sharks. Their role is to do a lot of prospection, find new clients and close as many deals as possible.
Farmers’ role is more about creating and maintaining a strong relationship with customers on the long-term.

As an intern, you can be given various missions. Prospection often represent a great chunck of it, but it is not the only mission you could have to do. Here are some examples of tasks that can be assigned to you:

  • Database creation with your customers’ data and information
  • Prospection, calling and emailing
  • Customer retention, deals follow-up and responsible for clients relationships
  • Creation of quotations

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Student testimonials

Very satisfied! Tyro offers a wide range of internships and jobs and can easily find something that fits your profile!

Simona Giulia Scala

Tyro are really helpful and the service is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any fees in any case ! They know what they are doing and really look for opportunities that fit you specifically, professionally but also personality wise. My best friend found her internship through Tyro and was very happy with it! Definitely recommended.

Imane Saksou

TYRO turned out to be a very effective tool to find internships. Less than two weeks after I signed up, I found an internship that suited me perfectly. TYRO’s team is competent, attentive and reactive. Don’t hesitate to sign up anymore.

Angie Nguyen - Marketeer

Tyro was key in the search for my end-of-year internship. I contacted Tyro, who offered me an internship in line with my profile and skills. It was truly the most beautiful and richest professional experience I have had so far. I joined AdUX who is active in the digital advertising industry. I was never disappointed with the work atmosphere which was awesome.
Thank you again for offering me this internship and for the follow-up. You are a great team, keep going!

Alexis Banh - Webmarketeer

I am a Master’s student in Communication, and I was looking for a motivating internship. I wanted to learn more. Tyro found me a great start-up! I wanted to learn more about web strategies and here I am, community manager of this start-up. I’m in charge and it’s like I’ve already graduated.
It is one of the best things you can do! Thanks to an internship, your CV will look great when you leave school. The most important thing about having an internship via Tyro is the nature of the internship. They will do their best to find what YOU want.
You will already have experience and this is the thing that all employers ask for, so it will help you find your first job!

Megane Guyonnet - Community Manager

I was looking for an internship in 3d printing and data science in Brussels. I found on Google that Tyro could help me with that. Indeed, one week after completing Tyro’s chatbot form, I was interviewed by two different companies. Laurent, the CEO of Tyro, was able to get me both internships through a split workweek. Tyro was specifically able to push for the creation of a position for me at a 3d printing company. This was a dream to work for these two startups.
The best way to get work experience is through an internship. Tyro was able to give me this exceptional opportunity fast and in the area I was hoping for.
Thank you to all the team at Tyro!

Maxime Sabet d'Acre - Data Analyst
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