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Student testimonials

I was looking for an internship in 3d printing and data science in Brussels and found on Google that Tyro could help me with that. Indeed, one week after completing Tyro’s chatbot form, I was interviewed by two different companies. Laurent, the CEO of Tyro, was able to get me the two internships through a split workweek. Tyro was especially able to push for the creation of a position for me at a 3d printing company which I was dreaming to work at and seemed full at the time I interviewed for them!
The best way to get work experience is through an internship and Tyro was able to give me this exceptional opportunity fast and in the area, I was anticipating.
Thank you to all the team at Tyro!

Maxime Sabet d'Acre - Data Analyst

I am a Master’s student in Communication, and I was looking for a motivating internship where I could still learn. Tyro found me a great strat-up! I wanted to learn more about web strategies and here I am community manager of this start-up. I’m in charge and it’s like I’m already a graduate.
In short, it is one of the best things you can do, because thanks to an internship, your CV will be provided when you leave school. The most important thing about having an internship via Tyro is the nature of the internship, they will try to find as much as possible what YOU want.
You will already have experience and this is the thing that all employers ask for, so it will help you find your first job!

Mégane Guyonnet - Community Manager

I am a business school student and started looking for a job in October 2017. Not far from giving up, then I signed up on Tyro thinking it wouldn’t lead anywhere like many other sites. Less than a month later, I was enjoying my first day as a Content Marketing Intern in a marketing scale-up, which was exactly what I was looking for.

Lisanza Faccilongo - Content Marketeer

Tyro is a top-notch team, humane and competent. In the last year of a Bachelor of Marketing, I had started early enough to find an internship. However, even after several months I had nothing concrete under my arm. By chance (and fortunately) I came across Tyro. I registered on the site and sent them my CV. In a short time, I was taken care of. My skills, my internship wishes were taken into account and in less than a month, Tyro put me in contact with a company that matched my internship expectations. They accompanied me until I obtained the latter, making sure that I liked the internship and that I felt comfortable there. Thanks to them, I have found a place that suits me and makes me progress.

If you are looking for an internship, you can turn to Tyro, you will not regret it.

Daffy Pilipili - Community Manager

It was very important to find a quality internship because it was for me my final internship. After scouring hundreds of ads on different websites, I came across Tyro by chance. I connected via their little ChatBot and was quickly contacted.
As this was my last internship before a possible integration into the world of work, I was very demanding on the missions I had to carry out.
2 weeks later Tyro came back to me with an ad that totally met my expectations. Now I am a Sales Technician.
I would like to thank Leana from Tyro for her reactivity and efficiency.

Romain Ravé - Technico-Commercial

Tyro is above all a selection based on your passions and values. Then comes your knowledge and experience. Just the opposite of big recruitment agencies.
In a skype interview and a few emails, I found the internship of my dreams that turned into a job.
Thank you TYRO!

Benoit Pitsaer - Executive Assistant