LinkedIn or the most powerful tool for your future career!

LinkedIn is such a powerful tool but probably the one that we students misuse the most as we don’t really know what to post and even fill out our profile.

A strong LinkedIn page helps tremendously to be identified and get in touch with people that could have some amazing opportunities for us.

Recruiters are LinkedIn experts as well. They exactly know what to look for and dig into your profile to make sure you  could be the top candidate for the job they are hiring for.

Here, I will give you a few tips & tricks so your profile enables you to become a networking powerhouse!

  • Have a complete profile: mentioning your studies is not enough. Your projects, awards and certifications will set you apart from others. A professional profile picture which means no selfie!! Be aware of the discrepancies between your CV and your profile. If you job dates don’t match up, it only shows that you might not be very detail-oriented.

  • Headline is key! It summarises your purpose for being on LinkedIn and what you are looking for.

  • Create a custom URL. Something with your name at the end instead of a long, unreadable string of numbers and letters.

  • Probably the most important. In your settings, mark yourself as an open candidate. A secret  switch that makes the recruiters aware that you are actively seeking a job or other opportunities. With this feature on, you are twice more likely to be contacted by professionals hiring.

  • Show your points of interest! Following influencers, private groups. LinkedIn lets others see what you comment and like so… COMMENT LIKE SHARE! Demonstrating you are professionally active is a big plus for companies and recruiters

  • Have more than a few connections. A profile with 50 connections is a major turn off for recruiters. You need a robust network of 300 or more people before starting your job hunt!

I am sure your facebook/instagram profile is complete so why not do the same for the social media that could truly change your future and lead to a great career! Hopefully, these tips & tricks can help you optimise your profile and help you secure your future job.

Comment any other advice you could have for soon to graduate students who are looking to launch their career soon!