Internships... Best way to boost your career?


They are many ways, we student or young graduate, can boost our chances to find the great first job to launch our careers.

Some of them are education, extracurricular activities, and the self-learning we do to get specific skills that we want to acquire.

But the one opportunity to really build your CV is to amass many internship experiences.

These opportunities are the best way for us to show our future employer that  we are business-ready and won’t need an extensive onboarding process when we join the company.

A paid or unpaid internship is the best way to invest in your future for many reasons, here are some of them:

  1. Get a real world experience: Education and degrees are obviously important, although, in today’s world, studies can seem a little far off from what actually goes on in companies and the business environment. As an intern, you get that hands-on experience and the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply what you have been taught in a very concrete world. With degrees becoming more and more general, many of us do not have a freaking clue of what we want to do with our careers, so these experiences can guide us to the job we want obtain later on. Unless you are the coffee expert but none of that  with TYRO!

  2. Meet, meet, meet: Many of us know how this works! Ever got an internship because your dad, mom or someone you know introduce you to a friend who could offer a professional experience in the company he works for? Well, during your internship, DO NOT BE SHY! Meet people, shake hands, NETWORK! These connections could reveal extremely useful in the future. And imagine if you are killing it in the  company… they might offer you a full-time job and this will be because they got to know you and recognize the awesome work you have done. Simple advice: Just get out of that comfort zone!

  3. A resume with three or four internships does look good! As recruiter ourselves, a student with professional experiences is already a young worker. He has acquired valuable hard skills as well as soft skills that allow him to strive in a business environment. And when comes the time to look for your first job, starting salaries will look a lot more attractive with a few internships under your belt!

Internships are the building blocks of our careers, open many doors and have a significant impact on your chances of securing your dream job when you graduate.

Just going to drop a few statistics right here ;) (Graphic)

  • With no internship experience, a graduate has a job offer rate of 36% and a median starting salary of 38K$

  • With internship experience, job offers climb to 58% and the starting salary rockets to 47K$

Now, as the statistics show, get kicking on looking for top internship opportunities and make sure to highlight and rely on them heavily when you create your CV!